Sunday, January 06, 2013

Pinning my New Years Resolutions

     It is high time I was putting all those great ideas and yummy looking recipes into practice.  I'm sure most of us fall into the same trap: pinning, pinning, pinning.  It's so addictive and these days most bloggers are able to photograph their handiwork so beautifully that it's like reading a high end magazine.  On my Food board, I've got 109 different pins and that doesn't include anything sweet!  That might not be a large number to some folks, but to me it's more that I can reasonably plan to use in the next month or so.
     Time to make a project of this.  I am determined to try out these various recipes or tips for myself and  document the results.

I started with Dragon Noodles.  The name evokes spice and serious flavour.  Sounds perfect for me.  The recipe comes from a fantastic blog entitled: Budget Bytes.  The link to the original recipe HERE.  I love the dollar and cents breakdown of a meal, something I am hopeless at doing.  The author has a huge variety of recipes to choose from and her explanations are so logical.

The sauce is super simple.  Soy sauce (I prefer dark), Sriracha sauce and brown sugar.  I doubled the amounts as I planned on making a large pot and adding veggies that would need coating.

Green beans are hard to julienne, is there a trick or tool?  I have a julienne peeler, but it's better for bigger veggies.  It's particularly awesome for doing carrots.

The finished dish made with fettuccine noodles, carrots, green beans and cabbage.  It was perhaps a bit sweet for my taste so I would halve the amount of brown sugar next time, although I will say it was fantastic microwaved the next day and not as sweet seeming.  I am super happy I found this recipe because anything this simple and tasty is a keeper.  Thanks muchly Beth M at Budget Bytes!  Be sure to check it out.