Friday, May 07, 2010

Renos - Second Floor

I love the yellow and black together which is funny as I didn't even buy the duvet cover because I liked it, but because it was $19 for a king size at Ikea. Now I have discovered that I love it.

The Master bedroom has the lightest shade of grey in the house. We had the paint retinted after we painted this room as I thought it was too light.

This hallway cupboard had floor to ceiling faux wood panel sliding doors that didn't slide properly any more. It was a joy to rip them out. Behind the curtain we put up hooks to hang the ironing board.

This room was pretty much empty the entire time we lived here. The bookcases are from the kitchen, the desk from the basement, the computer borrowed from Trev's Dad, Jack and the futon borrowed from Kyle. I was glad to realize that although it seemed like we had accumulated a lot when moving from the apartment, we hadn't gotten enough to fill a three bedroom house.

Renato's painting is perfect in this room, the red and black temper the soft blue and make it more grown-up.