Saturday, October 20, 2007

Thieving Makes me so Mad

An Update: Last night my market bag was stolen from Mum's car in her garage. It included all my inventory plus tools and supplies - both handmade and boughten. So between this and the owner of Flirt ( which she closed) not returning my stock (retail value: $1140), I have nothing as far as my jewellery practice is concerned.
Soooooooo I may not be at the market for a bit and I am really not sure what I'll do. There were some custom orders that I finished up this week and the part that makes me feel the worst is that those items are gone too. My sincerest apologies to those who entrusted me with their beads or had special requests on the way.
Here are some recent examples in case you see them on the street....

Monday, October 15, 2007

Pumpkin Pie

I know Thanksgiving is over, but I can't resist posting a picture of the pumpkin pie I made as it turned out so nicely. There is a cream cheese layer under the pumpkin and pecan/hazelnut praline for the topping.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Wedding Favour Cookies

When an old friend - whom I met working at Crabtree - called and said she was coming back to Halifax to get married and wondered if I would make her cake, I was thrilled. My first wedding cake!!! Too bad the reception was at Saege which being owned by Scanway doesn't allow outside cakes.....Alison suggested cookies. I love making cookies so I was still thrilled. Her colours were fall purples and sages like you would see in hydrangeas at this time of year. I made 150 royal icing hydrangea blossoms in sage, purple and pale pink. The flooding colour I did in an ivory and I think they turned out pretty well. These pictures are of the seconds as I didn't have time to photograph the real ones. Making things for weddings is so much fun - it is one time when you can be unapologetically 'girly'.

The sugar cookie recipe is from Martha and bakes perfectly every time and is just the right amount of sweet.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Metal Arts Guild: Evening at the Art Gallery

Last night was a blast - Myself and two guild members, Emilie and Anne, were in charge of food for the event. My goal was to get the function to look as though it was professionally catered. That meaning that every dish was garnished within an inch of its life and also that I made as showy a cake as I could come up with.

bottom tier: chocolate cake with coffee buttercream and dark chocolate almond ganache.

top tier: white cake with cannoli filling and coffee buttercream



Just part of the spread

Now maybe next year I'll actually have time to make a piece to submit to the competition.......