Monday, October 08, 2007

Wedding Favour Cookies

When an old friend - whom I met working at Crabtree - called and said she was coming back to Halifax to get married and wondered if I would make her cake, I was thrilled. My first wedding cake!!! Too bad the reception was at Saege which being owned by Scanway doesn't allow outside cakes.....Alison suggested cookies. I love making cookies so I was still thrilled. Her colours were fall purples and sages like you would see in hydrangeas at this time of year. I made 150 royal icing hydrangea blossoms in sage, purple and pale pink. The flooding colour I did in an ivory and I think they turned out pretty well. These pictures are of the seconds as I didn't have time to photograph the real ones. Making things for weddings is so much fun - it is one time when you can be unapologetically 'girly'.

The sugar cookie recipe is from Martha and bakes perfectly every time and is just the right amount of sweet.


Sheri Burhoe said...

Gorgeous !

Hollie said...

Oh so Yummy!
We did think of having our wedding at a few fvenues that were affiliated wih Scanways, but I did see their 'our cakes' policy and decided against it

Brooke said...

Oh, those cookies are so pretty!