Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spring Paintings

I actually painted recently (it has been a long time). Whether or not these are finished, or even any good, I like that they are bright and cheerful.

There have been periods in the past where I have felt intensely creative and of course I assumed that not having to go to work at a traditional 'job' every day, this time would be one of them. Dreary winter, more financial responsiblity...whatever the cause is, I haven't had that burst I was looking for. I have a job interview next week so perhaps the thought of going back to work in a store (retail...ugh) will spur me on again.


Sheri Burhoe said...

These are very pretty and vibrant at that.Hope you find more inspiration.Wow, you can do it all, bake, make gorgeous jewelry and paint too and I'm sure theres more where that came from.What size are these pieces and what is the surface ?

tam said...

thanks sheri! - I actually studied painting before ceramics and jewellery and sold some work through Art Sales& Rental at the art gallery...I've just been so focused elsewhere. They are both 10"x10" and acrylic on canvas.

Gail Rhyno said...

I can immediately see these as great series. You need to do more of the same. I always like buying something that has many items to it. Last november I bought (well, I shouldn't lie, I cohersed my mom into buying them for me as a Xmas gift) my first photographs. They were a set of four. Of the same old house, specifically one window with old curtains blowing out, caught up in the vine. The photographer went back during each season and took a shot. They were great and hang up my stairway. These two paintings remind me of that type of series.
Love them!

Shana Salaff said...

Hey Chickie!

Nice new stuff - so glad to see you're painting again! I'm not sure where to go to rate the blog - so thought I would at least comment and say hi! Hope your market day and your sale tomorrow go well! I still remember the one you did for your mom in your old apartment, will this be similar?