Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Homemade Marshmallows

Here is Banshee inspecting the marshmallows I made this weekend for the chocolate fondue we had at a friends house. I think she is sceptical.
For this wonderful recipe that needed no adaptation go to Brownie Points Blog
the only difference is that I used vanilla paste instead of extract.


Hollie said...

I made marshmallows a little while ago and they were so yummy, I don't know if ill make them again until I get my own mixer tho

tam said...

yeah- 10 minutes of mixing with a hand mixer sucks. think twice about a KitchenAid tho - the new Cuisinart machines are way better. I have stand mixer envy now!

Hollie said...

oh really, how interesting, I must now look
but you know
I don't even have a hand mixer! Picture me and a whisk watching tv, making marshmallows!