Monday, May 23, 2011

Maritime Decor - The Homesick Edition

Victoria Day Weekend.  I hope everyone is enjoying the first long weekend of the summer.  I know summer doesn't officially start until end of June, but still - don't we all start behaving as though summer has started once May TwoFour arrives?

Even though I am not originally from the Maritimes and didn't live there long enough ( only 15 or so years) for locals to consider me a Maritimer, I do miss it something fierce right now.
So while my friends are planning excursions to Clam Harbour this summer, I am going to content myself with swimming at Mooneys Bay Park on the Rideau.  And fixing up the living room with a nautical beach vibe.

This is my mobile hanging from the mantel.  The wood and a couple of the shells are from the Eastern Passage, NS and the sea glass, bone and crab bit were found at Saxe Point Park in Esquimalt, BC.  The jute was dyed dark blue when I used it to tie up some pillowcases I was dying.  Here is a bit closer up:

Also included are Trevors' and my initials done on pine with the Nautical alphabet.  I saw some posters online that gave me the idea.

The large panel is Tango for Trevor and Tamara, the next two are Charlie and Mike for both of our last names.  I haven't quite finished the edges yet, but wanted to see how they would look.  I might do some bunting next, although I haven't decided yet.  I just know the mantel still needs something else:

When I figure out what it needs I'll take more pictures.  For now, I am scheming how to get back to Nova Scotia for a visit.  I not only want some driftwood and starfish, but some Brothers Pepperoni is sorely needed.  Ah for a day at the beach.................

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Hollie said...

Yes! Go to NS in august, PLEASE. I'm going to be there from the 12-31!! And I miss you so much