Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I made a promise to myself that this New Year, that I would give myself time to paint.  My husband made the comment that 'I was always happy and relaxed' when I was painting.  To that end I found a job closer to home where I can work one day less for the same number of hours with the added bonus of not having to commute.  At Eddie Bauer, I needed to work five days in order to get at least 20 hours.  Compound that with two hours of commuting per day and you've got someone whose not exactly the 'relaxed' type.  My new job is a five minute walk from home and they have regular length shifts.  So now the task is to get down to painting!  I haven't really had the time since 2008 to sit down and relearn the craft.  I really feel like I've forgotten everything I learned all those years ago.
These are my first attempts.....I have to remember that it's more important to 'do' that to worry about doing it 'right'.  My main goals right now are to look, really look at what I'm drawing or painting, keep it cheerful and not worry about what it looks like as I go.

10" x 8" acrylic

8" x 6" acrylic


The fun part of painting fruit is that you have lots of fresh fruit to eat after you've finished your sketches. I just made a fantastic lemon loaf with lemons I drew last week.

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Anonymous said...

Great paintings Tamara, good that you are making time for it. Like the colors very much. My blog link is not available anymore. I am not Burhoe, but Larsen now. I have started a new blog Everyday Louise.