Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baking for Christmas - Hermit Bars

     Christmas baking has been fully underway for two weeks now.  Gingerbread houses for our young friends to decorate, cookies for co-workers and neighbours, and now prepping for our Christmas party on Saturday night.
     I got up early today to make more whipped shortbread, as it seems I never make enough.  Note for next year: just make two double batches and be done with it!
I used to make a whackload of truffles, but in recent years I've found them to be too labourious and expensive to make.  On a whim, I decided to make a bar that I've never baked for Christmas.  I was  tired of florentines, shortbread and nanaimo bars ( well, not totally! )    
     With the ingredients I had on hand and with my Mum coming on the spur of the moment - Hermit Bars!  I usually make then in the winter, when something spicy and homey is the antidote to dreary, cold days.  This recipe is from Martha Stewart Living - the only thing I've changed is to eliminate the candied ginger as Hubby is not a fan and I've used a twelve by twelve pan instead of the 10x15 called for.

the butterscotchy drizzle is super yummy!

Link to the RECIPE

chewy, spicy and full of raisins.

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