Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunday Dinner

We had to have something really light as we both have been eating terribly lately. The soup is something I've always called 'green soup' but this time I put red pepper in. It's just broth with celery, spinach, sweet pepper and at the last minute I throw in some tortellini. These particular ones weren't very good. Chicken and orange. I miss the broccoli and white cheddar, Olivieri doesn't seem to make those any more. As a compromise I think I'll stick to the five cheese medallions. Of course, I could get fancy and make my own!
The salad? Mesclun greens with shredded carrot, homemade dressing, crushed pita chips, marinated artichokes and toasted pinenuts. Oh boy it was good and even better? Trevor ate dandelion greens and liked them!

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