Sunday, April 09, 2006

Who's Money Is It?

Wedding Class at St. Brendan's
Well - I guess I could say it was interesting and at least I was spending time with Trevor on a Saturday instead of working! I expected a certain amount of church/God talk, and there was very little at first. The Catholic Padre who was speaking about spirituality even kept his talk vague until the the end. The part of the day that freaked me out was the financial planning section. Here, Trevor and I hoped to get some good advice about how to save money/buy a house/build credit - that sort of stuff. But, Oh no.........."who's money is it? It's God's money!" This was not the section of the class I was prepared to listen to some quack go on about how God wants us to give in order to receive. Yeeah.
The other thing I noted: We were the only couple who went to the North End Diner which is right across the street from the Base. Every single other couple drove off and came back with fast food wrappers: Tim Hortons and Burger King. I suppose we really are city people.

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