Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Almost Summer

Today feels so much like summer I can barely stand it. I actually had to come inside to cool off a bit as the lunch time sun was getting strong. Love, love, love. The tulips on the other hand are still blooming. I must have picked a later variety. I supose I should write these things down somewhere. They are also all planted in the front of the house where it is much cooler.

Looking at this picture, I am in love with the green that I painted the cupboard last year. I think I have a tiny bit of it left and plan to paint the inside of my desk drawer with it. Unless I can find something better to use it on, it just has to be a small job as there really is very little. This colour requires a lot of coats even with a tinted primer so it didn't leave much left over to play with. Of course if I could find the paint chip all this would be moot.

Corner of the studio

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