Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Fresh Dinner

Whenever Trevor and I are feeling sluggish and lethargic (read: fat) from eating too much junk food, we have what we've come to call Green Soup. The beauty of Green Soup is that it can have almost anything in it. It actually doesn't even have to be a green veg. If we have celery, great. Green peppers? broccoli? spinach? Most of the time we have at least one of these slowly wilting in the fridge so there is never an excuse not to use it. Simmer up some chicken or veg broth, drop in what ever takes the longest to cook. Sometimes we put minced garlic in the broth. In this case, I put in the green onions and tortellini for five minutes. When the pasta still had a minute to go, Trev dropped in the broccoli. When serving it up we put a dollop (Trevor just hates that word!) of bottled pesto in the centre and give it a sprinkling of parmesan.
The broth keeps this super light, while the pasta puts a little something lasting in your belly. Otherwise I'd be starving in an hour. The only problem with this soup is that it is getting harder and harder to find yummy ravioli or tortellini in the deli counter. They've discontinued my favourites one by one. It is starting to look like we might have to make some and freeze it in Green Soup sized batches.
I hope someone out there tries this and lets me know how they like it or how they've changed it - I think that would be fun.
To go with the soup I made the Carrot Cilantro Salad from Jamie's Dinners super yummy! I didn't have lemons so I used limes instead and I think it was just as good, although next time I think I may add a half teaspoon of sugar or honey as it was really tart. Great book. I got it from the Library, but I might have to invest at some point later (when I am employed and can buy books) Hey everybody - go cook something from scratch!

Green Soup

Carrot Cilantro Salad


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Anonymous said...

Looks amazing ! I have Jamie Oliver's Little Italy Hardcover. I haven't had to time to make anything from it but, maybe some day.