Tuesday, April 19, 2011

April Blues

This month has certainly been disappointing in the weather department.  It has slowly worn down my mood as we near the end of the month with constantly dreary skies and temperatures barely above zero.  This is the time of year when I think we all start looking around us and realize that spring cleaning isn't enough.  New colours, new paint, new cushions....I want them all!  Even if money wasn't an issue (HA!) is that really an option?
This is where you have to look around and see what you can do with what you've got.  Luckily, I have about six white cotton panels that were curtains in our previous home.  The stagers took them all down and replaced them with sheers.  I haven't used them here in the condo as the window situation is so different.  So they have sat in the cupboard for the better part of a year.
Last week, I started cutting them up and using the fabric for cushion covers, table runner, scarf and napkins.  I still have two panels left.
To show what I have done with the fabric, I'll first show my inspiration.

I love blue and white and even though I wasn't planning to change the grey curtains, this photo just looked so crisp and I loved, loved, loved the cool feel.

I guess it is obvious that I love white interiors?  So, armed with black fabric paint, blue Rit dye and my sewing machine, I have been sewing and painting new cushion covers, dying napkins and even a new scarf.

Here, I've covered the wee cushion that came with my Ikea chair.  On Kimberleys' beautiful blog: Restoration House, she has a link to the CityTV segment that shows the 5 minute cushion cover.  So super easy to make, that I think I might have to use the rest of the fabric to make some blue cushion covers as well.  I bought both 'Denim Blue' and 'Navy blue'.  So far I've only used the denim and I love it.  My white kitchen counter tops are not going to fare well during this obsession!

These cushions might need the blue treatment too.  I don't feel they look finished right?  I may love white, but this is a bit washed out.  It needs more of this:

The fabric on the left will be a runner for the table and on the right is a scarf.  I tied the fringe on the ends for a bit of decorative finish.  It also prevents the threads from coming out.

Napkins!  Next, I want to actual try to get the intensity of the blue in the curtains shown above.  I think a double dose of the navy dye might be the trick.  I'm envisioning it being tricky to keep the white, white.  If anybody has tips or tricks for that....let me know.
I will post photos of the loveseat again once it's gotten 'the treatment' 

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