Tuesday, March 28, 2006

New Jewellery

I finally made a new necklace and bracelet set and a pair of sparkly citrine earrings. I am in a 'use up beads' mode so this one is quite a jumble. The main stone is amazonite, with pearls, new jade, MOP, silver and a wonderful pendant from Shiana the lovely folks who brings us work from the Karen Hilltribe in Thailand ( see links at right) I know this particular one might be hard to sell, but I've already got an order for a single strand version. She is just debating whether she wants the pendant on it or not.
I am thinking I need to start stockpiling jewellery for a May party. Raise some money for the wedding. I will probably include pieces that I've saved for myself. I want a nice wedding more than a drawer full of necklaces and I know I will make more later!

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Pam said...

OOh I really love that necklace!