Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Cake Decorating Course #3

So I am getting to the end of Course 3 - this Friday is the finale where we are doing a tiered wedding style cake. Of the three this is definitely the most work. I would almost prefer to see course three be all royal icing flowers and have a fourth course with the fondant. Doing both at the same time feels very rushed. Last Fridays cake didn't get done in class and I wound up rushing the decoration. So I'll call it a mock-up and save the idea for future reference. The cake was really yummy inside at least! Toba Garretts the Well Decorated Cake has the best cake recipes in it. I tried the peanut butter cake at Easter and it was so easy and had great flavour. For this square fondant cake, I used the Chocolate fudge cake recipe and oh man is it good.......Last night I started baking for Fridays cake and I used the Moist Yellow Cake and added some lemon flavour. I think it is going to be perfect. It is a denser cake which is good for the 10" layer and yet it is actually moist. Her book is worth every penny!

I've included some pics of the royal icing flowers and a terrible photograph of my square cake. Note: fondant does not like rainy has now rained three days straight...argh

Chocolate Mocha Truffle cake. The fondant loops did not fare too well in the damp weather and half had collasped by the time I got to class. So there is some patchwork buttercream holding the rather sparse looking bow together. Note the rumples near the base of the cake. Covering a square cake is Hard! and the corners kept stretching - good thing the appliques cover it! I also now see why a tilting turntable would be nice....hint, hint
Easter lilies, morning glory, petunias and pointsettia. I would have liked to explore these more and have had to make a cake to showcase them. I'm sure I will at some point but these flowers are difficult enough to warrant a course to themselves.

Now I just have to decide what my filling for fridays cake will be!


Kristie said...

Tam are those flowers made out of icing? that's amazing! beautiful cake. I love the colors you chose.

Hollie said...

Cake Hevan!
Those flowers are amazing, and I love the square cake, although from your description it sounds pretty dang frustrating, I bet it gets easier with practice

tam said...

it's all sugar!! the flowers are like the hard ones you get on a grocery store cake only way more detailed. same as well as the icing on gingerbread cookies: royal icing. and yes fondant, although very clay-like to handle, sucks in the humidity!
thanks guys

Anonymous said...

Absolutely gorgeous !!!

SeaPoppy said...

^__^ hooray for fondant! Those flowers are divine. Best of luck for the rest of he course!