Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Last Cake!

Friday night was the final class for Course#3. I managed to finish in class as I had a bit of a head start. My 6" top tier came apart as we were driving so in trying to fix it, I just started putting the fondant on and that gave me a head start. Note: Dr. Oetker Strawberry Mousse is NOT suitable for a cake filling and not very yummy either. boo. I cut it open in class so we could eat some of the cake right there (what was I going to do with all that cake anyway?)

Luckily the 10"bottom tier had homemade lemon curd and it was Awesome. We gave away slices at the Farmers Market saturday morning. Many people had an unexpected breakfast!

All of the roses were made from fondant as a part of this course. Once you get the hang of them, they are surprisingly easy!

Filling that looks better than it tasted. Next time I am definitely going to made something from scratch.

Thanks to Kelly Day and Marilyn Howells and the Cookhouse!!

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Anonymous said...

Wow - Very beautiful !