Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Ring that had me Stumped

Now that this ring has been received and fits, I can post a picture of it. This ring was commissioned by Renato for his fiancee Hollie. I was having a hard time coming up with something as all I had to go on was the idea of a 'wishbone'. My ring style tends to be a bit rough around the edges so I tried and tried to come up with something pretty. I also didn't want an image of a wishbone, but to fashion something more 3-D. In the end, this is perhaps more fitting for someone who studies bird bones for a living and whose style tends to be more cool/modern than girly. These pictures were taken before the final polish and bezel set.

Oxidized Sterling Silver and Moonstone


Hollie said...

This ring is PERFECT!!! It is so pretty it is distracting me from studying, Oh No!!!

Sheri Burhoe said...

What a pretty ring !

Gail Rhyno said...

Oh I love it...the texture, it's delicate but, not, somehow (hmmm...wish I knew more technical words).