Thursday, May 07, 2009

Long Time between Posting

I can't believe all these months have slipped away without a post. Trevor left for course in March and took my camera with him - that's just an excuse though. Now that I am down to one job I really should have the time to keep up-to-date and so I shall try.
One thing that has changed is that I am taking a learn to run class. Quite fun actually and I had a good run through Shubie park this morning. 55mins 23sec and 3.96 miles that's 6.37 km. Not bad and I probably walked about 7 minutes sporadically throughout. It was warmer this morning than I thought it would be and I was a bit overdressed for it. I am hoping to run in the Lunenburg Heritage 5k run this June 14. Woo Hoo! These runs are always something I've imagined people in another world did, not something I've ever considered. I still have lot's of work to do, but our run instructor assures us we will be ready.

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