Sunday, February 19, 2006

Lazy Sunday + New Necklace for spring

It is too cold to go outside just yet so we are relaxing and doing nothing. Well, we did cook a heart attack breakfast and I've got some turkey chili in the slowcooker. Trev sails tomorrow for almost three weeks so we have been ignoring the phone too.
The Sunday Edition with Michael Enright was hilarious this morning. He read all these letters slagging his show and the jazz music he always plays and the rebuttal letters as well. What's amazing is how vehement some folks are in their hatred of jazz. It must take a lot of energy to summon up those feelings all the time. I am not a New Country fan, but I can't imagine my dislike of it taking up my thoughts like that.
For today: Necklace with Shiana silver and amazonite

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