Thursday, February 16, 2006

Registering is Fun!

Yesterday was my day off. Started off badly for me as Mum called, in a state, and I had to run down and take care of things. I'm afraid I lost my temper with her. I felt badly about it, but after a talk with Trevor I felt better. I still don't really know what I am going to do........she will not wake up tomorrow and be healthy.
On the plus side, I may have found someone to make my wedding cake. First I have to find her! Kelly is a girl I used to work with at Crabtree and I have always missed her being there. Well, it turns out she works at the store where I went to buy some cake decorating supplies (how have I managed to always go in when she is off?) and saw a picture of a cake she made, having completed the three decorating courses. Now I just have to get in touch with her and hope she'll do it!

I myself got a little playing in. tada! rosebuds! these were made with royal icing (because it's what I had) and I think that they will be much easier with buttercream. To get a stiff enough consistancy in royal icing I had to add a lot of icing sugar and it was very hard to pipe - put a hole in the bag actually! must make up some buttercream.

And finally, last night we went and registered at the Bay. After only two tries! Trevor doesn't like being in the mall much and after a night of duty on ship I was so proud of him for lasting two and half hours. He got the gun. we picked out really practical stuff like towels and a really plain formal dinner set with a platinum rim that is actually less than our everyday ware. As much fun as it was, the concept of picking out gifts is very, very strange..........................

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Pam said...

I love syncronicity - glad you found your friend! And the rosebuds are beautiful.