Saturday, February 04, 2006

there is a reason

for this blog. For the time being I am going to use it as a 'wedding blog' as i don't have the inclination to start a web page. I am hoping that folks from out of town will be able to check this out for info such as: where to go - maps will be forthcoming! and perhaps some info on where to stay while in Halifax.
Preparations are underway - the dress is ordered, the reception hall is booked and the invites are being worked on nightly by yours truly. Trevor is at sea until the 8th but things will get going when he is back.
for now a promotional plug:
Masterworks Jewellery by Jonathan Corey
Our Wedding bands bought this past summer and waiting patiently............


Pam said...

Hi Tam - your bands are beautiful and unique - congratulations again - it sounds like it is all coming along beautifully :)

tam said...

thanks Pam! I am glad you found me.

Anonymous said...

Your Wedding Bands are beautiful !!! I was browsing through everything on your blog site and you are an amazing baker & painting artist as well as, the soooo very awesome jewelry artist ! WOW ! I'm overwhelmed ! :)