Sunday, February 26, 2006

Sugar alert

Here are the flower cookies I iced yesterday. I am not happy with either of these glaze-type icings. The glossy one is still not dry this morning and the meringue powder royal icing shows too many flaws and I don't like the 'grit' I can feel in it - maybe it need to be run through a spice grinder or dissolved somehow.
I also played a wee bit with the gum paste. I tried to coy the cherry blossoms that were featured in last months Martha Stewart Living. Not too bad, still needs some work. Must try roses. My tongue is so scratchy today, I was lazy last night and sat on the couch watching Firefly and eating doritos. Can't do that again any time soon


Pam said...

Tam!!!! Wow - those flower petals are sooooooo amazing!

Wanda said...

Tamara I think your cookies look amazing and I enjoy all your pictures of your jewellry. Congratulations on the engagement!
I clicked on your link from Kristie's blog.

I met you years ago with Kristie and I hung out with Chase a bit in uni.



Hollie said...


Kristie said...

where is my cookie care package???