Saturday, February 25, 2006

new bracelet

I figured that before I give up any beads or tools, I should try to actually make some jewellery. So here is a bracelet for Spring. I did string a matching necklace, but as I photographed it, I realized that a bead was not working in the design. So here is the bracelet. I got some new cookie cutters today for spring. I will ice up some of the flowers I baked this week and should have some to show for tomorrow. I tried using meringue powder this time so that the icing doesn't have raw egg white, but I find it a bit gritty. I used hot water and everything but I wonder if you can dissolve it first. I also tried a corn syrup based glossy icing, but it takes *forever* to harden.


Kim said...

I love the bracelet! You really should email me to tell me if I can drop hints for buy your jewelery, if you have any available...I am very good at dropping hints. Mind you, there has been an Amos Pewter brochure on the dresser for a year and a half...I like the ocean bracelet, probably because I live in Ontario!

Hollie said...

Tam, don't give away your jewelery making stuff! You're just in a mood about it. Wait a month and you will be back into it. (or let me hang onto it for you ;)I think the world would be a sad sad place if you gave up making jewelery

Pam said...

pretty - looks like an easter basket :) Yes, good idea to make jewelry instead of getting rid of your stuff ;)