Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Making connections

I had such a bizarre night last night - couldn't get to sleep with my head so full of a million things.
I had a great coffee with Kelly - she is going to make my wedding cake which is wonderful - although I had decided on something very simple, she is an artist- I told her to have some fun with it too. We also talked about business ideas which had been rolling around in my head, but there she is saying what I'm thinking! I forgot that she is very much a schemer like I am. We even talked about cupcakes.... sounds wierd but, around Christmas time I went into a candy store here in town becaue they had a sign outside advertising 'New York-style' cupcakes. What I found were less than impressive. So, here's Kelly opening up her mini portfolio and she's got these awesome cupcakes that are exactly what I imagined. We are getting together on Wednesday to play with gumpaste. Also to plot for selling Easter cookies at the market. I was up last night trying to come up with a name.
On the other hand, I finally called my sister last night..................she is having such a hard time with this man she's been with for about five years. I did my best to be supportive, but it was heartbreaking to listen to her talk. I felt awful bringing up the wedding amoungst her anguish, but she seemed buoyed by some good news. Now the trick is getting her here. Mum has a plan. My fingers are crossed.
I am tired now because I spent hours surfing the 'net for cookie cutters. oh I need help.


Pam said...

just discovered this, and while most of it is too cutesy, the cupcakes a few down made me think of you ;)

tam said...

they are from martha stewart - go figure eh? i love love love them!

Kristie said...

those cupcakes are so cool!